Microsoft Lync 2013: Cutting Costs and Helping Businesses Grow

September 10, 2013   //   Unified Communications, , , , ,

It’s a no brainer that Microsoft Lync 2013 can save your business money by combining an enterprise phone system, audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, mobile connectivity and presentation applications. There are many case studies out there that tell us this. For example, “Corporation X saved 70% by switching their third party video conferencing provider to Microsoft Lync 2013.” Or “Acme, Inc. was able to cut travel costs 50% by using Microsoft Lync’s web and teleconferencing applications.” Or “Widget Worldwide was able to cut IT and telephony labor costs by switching to Lync 2013.” I found quite a few on them online, produced by Microsoft, detailing how the solution is saving businesses money. Or you can check out one of SWC’s own video case studies describing how Microsoft Lync has improved business operations at Wittenstein.

My point is Microsoft Lync 2013 will save your business money by reducing the costs incurred with purchasing and maintaining a PBX system, third party conferencing solutions and travel and meeting expenses. But did you know that Microsoft Lync can also help grow your business?

Lync 2013’s integration with Microsoft Exchange, backend applications and Microsoft SharePoint is not just new technology, but a game changer in how we communicate, work and get things done. With Lync 2013 you are able to get the right people together in real time to complete projects faster and more efficiently. Processes that used to take several meetings, conference calls and emails to complete can be fast tracked through Lync 2013, using real-time applications like video conferencing and enabling screen sharing.

Lync 2013 has also been effective in motivating employees. Lync 2013 provides a rich presence that will encourage more communication and collaboration between teams. Employees are able to communicate faster, share what’s going on in their world and feel more connected to their fellow co-workers. It can make the workplace a much happier place to be. And, we always say that happy employees make happy customers and happy customers bring huge growth potential and a bright future for your business.

To learn more about how Unified Communications and Microsoft Lync can help your Chicago area business save money and grow, please register to attend one of our upcoming Microsoft Unified Communications events.

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