Microsoft Lync Online – Transport Reliability IP Probe (TRIPP)

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Have you experienced problems with Lync client logins and choppy or jittery audio/video quality after deploying Microsoft Lync Online with your Office 365 subscription? An important part of using Lync Online service is knowing if there are any possible network performance issues. The Transport Reliability IP Probe (TRIPP) can assist with testing an Internet connection to a Microsoft Lync Online Service data center. Read my blog to learn more.

The (TRIPP) is a reliability tool that assists with testing a Microsoft Lync Online Service data center Internet connection. The tool measures allowed ports, bandwidth, response times, route taken and the overall connection quality for Real Time Media. This tool is not meant to be an “end all be all” compatibility check for Microsoft Lync Online services, but does provide insight to help diagnose or troubleshoot possible Internet connectivity issues from the client network.

TRIPP provides useful information by testing various aspects of a client’s connection to the Internet. The first category of tests will determine if the Lync client can reach Lync Online services using the required ports for functionality (login, federation, media and audio/video). A failure in this category does not necessarily reflect an issue with the Lync Online service but may be due to your network or security configuration on the client network. The ports tested by the tool are:

  • Client Access TCP-443: Login to Lync Online Services
  • Federation Access TCP-5061: Discovery and communication to others outside organization
  • Media Access 3478 – UDP: Audio and video lower (50000 – UDP) and Upper (59999- UDP)

TRIPP will only test the audio and video port test (50000 and 59999 – UDP). If these are open and functional, it will assume the range in between is functional.

Microsoft Lync Online Transport Reliability IP Probe

All of the other sections of tests performed by TRIPP focus on the quality of the Internet connection. A large amount of packet loss, poor download or upload speeds and/or delayed response rates can contribute to the quality of online meetings and communications. Lync clients will likely experience choppy or “jittery” media and audio/video due to these network issues. It is worthy to note that this can be more prevalent when a client is connected to a wireless network. The quality of the wireless connection plays a large factor in the media, audio and video experience.

TRIPP will provide a summary page at the completion of all the subcategories of the tests. Overall, it has been my experience that the consistency of service check is usually yellow or red for most tests. It can contradict itself with the results on the quality issues in the previous test categories (VOIP, speed and round trip time). I have found that if you focus on the overall quality of the data stream in these categories, it is most often the result of the chop or jitter in meetings and conferences.

Please keep the TRIPP tool in mind when you are faced with troubleshooting Internet connection problems with Lync clients to Microsoft Lync Online services. The tool can be accessed by choosing one of the locations closest to you in the links below. You will however need to update or install the latest version of Java to run TRIPP before clicking on the below links.

North America:

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