Microsoft Lync Tip For Conflicting Conference Calls

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Have you ever booked a back-to-back conference call using Microsoft Lync and had a client or coworker join the bridge, just as your wrapping up another call? It happens more than you think and there is a simple and quick way you can avoid this from happening the next time you decide to schedule a meeting using Microsoft Lync.

Microsoft Lync has a cool feature in the meeting options tab that builds private bridges or “meeting spaces.” Meeting spaces basically determine where you want to meet online. Here’s what you should do the next time you schedule a back-to-back conference call:

  1. Create a new Lync meeting, or open up an existing one (this can be recurring too!)
  2. On the top ribbon, click on Meeting OptionsMicrosoft Lync Ribbon
  3. Pick “A new meeting space (I control permissions)” and then customize the settings to suit your call’s needs. Typically all of your meetings are held in the same space with the same entry information. But when you choose a new meeting space, there is unique entry information and you will be able to control who gets admitted into the meeting and what they can do when they are there.
    Microsoft Lync Meeting Space
  4. You can then click on Remember Settings and it will keep the customizations so that every future meeting you create will then have a unique Conference ID.

For more information from Microsoft on Lync meetings, you can check out:

Note: If you’re the presenter and you’re done with the conference call, make sure you end it with “End Meeting,” otherwise other presenters or callers may remain in the bridge. Hanging up a meeting won’t end it unless you are the last presenter to leave the meeting.
Microsoft Lync End Meeting
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