Microsoft Lync Weathers The Storm

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Whether its rain, snow, sleet or hail, Microsoft Lync offers by far the best solution for bad weather! Unlike many other VoIP systems, which require complex VPN setups for their external phones, Microsoft Lync phones can be taken off-campus and simply plugged into a home network, so that users can sign in conveniently from wherever they are. For companies that have a mobile workforce or in the event of bad weather, Microsoft Lync can keep your office or call center up and running, on or offsite.

Microsoft Lync gives users the capability to make voice calls from their computers, smartphones and mobile devices or with a Lync enabled desk phone. Using these devices is easy; users just follow the same steps they complete in the office, enabling them to answer business calls as if they were on your corporate LAN.

Microsoft Lync Platforms And Devices

A great example of Lync weathering the storm is SWC’s Managed Services Help/Service Desk. SWC’s Service Desk provides 24×7 support to many customers – rain or shine. During this past winter, massive amounts of snow threatened SWC’s service desk workers’ ability to get safely to work. Microsoft Lync came to the rescue, enabling employees to take their desk phones home with them the night before, giving them the option to answer direct calls and call center calls from the comfort of home, minimizing the risk of driving in the snow and hazardous conditions, but also ensuring continued operations and 24×7 service and support to customers.

Why risk your worker’s health or the health of your business when the roads are unsafe due to bad weather? With Microsoft Lync, there’s no need to have your workforce or your business suffer – just take your phones home and work as if you are in the office. Your employees will appreciate the flexibility and your customers will appreciate your ability to remain available for them during bad weather. Fall is here and winter is right around the corner – work safe, work anywhere with Microsoft Lync.

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