Microsoft Unified Communications…A Game Changer

April 12, 2012   //   Unified Communications, , , , , , , ,

There are a whole bunch of reasons why I like working in the technology industry. It’s fast moving and fun but what I like most of all is the profound impact that IT can have on business. Pretty routinely these days a technology comes around that radically effects how we operate – whether it’s changing the cost of doing business, opening up new markets or just allowing us to work in new and exciting ways – Microsoft’s Unified Communications (UC) is one of these solutions.

At the heart of Microsoft Unified Communications are Microsoft Exchange 2010 and Microsoft Lync 2010. Together these products offer email, calendaring, Unified Messaging, Instant Messaging, Presence, conferencing and VoIP. All from a platform and experience that is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office 2010 stack, is highly intuitive and user friendly.

In 2012 the real story of Unified Communications is the proven ability of Microsoft Lync to become a stand-alone telephony system. To offer the option of eliminating that old, clunky, proprietary PBX system back in the corner of your datacenter.

In making this trade our clients are finding great financial returns. In some cases it’s as simple as not needing to invest in a new PBX environment. In other cases, it’s the ability to reduce charges associated with call times. For almost everyone there are significant savings in moving to a Lync-hosted conference call service. Typically speaking the Microsoft Unified Communications platform will pay for itself within its first year of operations.

ROI aside, Microsoft Unified Communications is a game changer in how we communicate. Providing users with the ability to identify, communicate and collaborate with the right people at the right time – every time.

The technology that surrounds communications is more powerful than ever. At SWC, a full-service IT company, we are working with our clients every day to make sure they are finding success with this new and exciting solution.

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