What is your phone system worth to your business?

April 11, 2011   //   Unified Communications, , , , ,

When it comes to phone systems, organizations tend to go completely against the business principles that make them successful. Let me explain. Successful organizations plan, strategize, re-assess then adapt. Rarely do they take a “set it and forget it” approach – except when it comes to the phone system. They just assume it’s always going to work.

There are few, if any, systems that are more critical to businesses than the phones because everyone is a stake holder. When the phones go down productivity can grind to a halt. What happens when the system is inoperable? Let me re-phrase that, how much impact would a dead phone system have on your business? If your phones were down for two days, how much revenue would you lose? How much credibility with your customers would you lose? These are difficult questions but they are necessary to answer to ensure that your organization is prepared.

Take a minute to think about your phone system and answer a few questions.

  • What is your plan for this phone systems if you experience a disaster?
  • What impact will it have on your business (i.e. lost revenue, productivity, social impact)?
  • What is your strategy to resolve the issue (i.e. can you get parts, expired maintenance, who can fix)?
  • Do you have a telephony disaster recovery plan?

What is your strategy to leverage your investment to go beyond the dial tone?

  • What features are you not leveraging?
  • What if the phone system were better integrated with other IT assets?
  • Does your voice platform extend beyond the physical office structure to support remote and mobile workers?
  • Can you reduce costs by utilizing virtualization?