What Chicago Area Businesses Are Saying About Microsoft Lync

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At Unified Communications specialists, SWC, we have heard a lot of positive feedback from our customers where we have deployed Microsoft Lync Server. The 2013 release of this product has made it even easier for them to communicate on any device, anywhere. Watch our video below to learn more about what our customers are saying they like best about Microsoft Lync.

Chicago Businesses Microsoft Lync

One of the first areas we hear positive feedback from our customers is around Microsoft Lync’s user experience. The ability to provide instant messaging, presence, conferencing and voice services throughout the entire Microsoft stack is a tremendous advantage. New and improved Microsoft Lync 2013 features make communication easy, through an intuitive, consistent and familiar experience across all devices. One simple click on a PC or touch on a smartphone or tablet gives them the ability to call, instant message or start an audio or video conference effortlessly. Lync 2013 also offers a high-quality user experience through HD video.

The second area we hear a lot of positive feedback from our customers is around the ROI of a Unified Communications solution by Microsoft, specifically around their Microsoft Licensing Agreements. Most of our customers have heavily invested in Microsoft technologies and therefore own good portions of the technology that is necessary for Microsoft Unified Communications. Alternatively, after the solution is deployed, Microsoft Lync can help cut travel costs through conferencing and desktop sharing.

A third key area our customers really like about Microsoft Lync is IT support. The majority of the customers we work with have a great deal of knowledge and capabilities in managing and monitoring existing Microsoft technology solutions, Microsoft Lync is no different.

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