Which Lync Phone Should I Use? My Favorites Are…

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If you check out the photo in this blog I took of my desk today you will notice that things have gotten a little out of hand. That’s because my desk is covered with many different types of IP phones optimized for Microsoft Lync that I use for client demonstrations and testing purposes. There are nine phones in this photo but for those of you who have attended our past Unified Communications events, you know there are at least 30 different IP phones that are optimized for Lync to choose from, in addition to many USB devices and peripherals (check out the following link for more information about these Lync optimized devices: www.optimizedfor.com).

Which Lync Phone Should I Use

The point is when someone asks me which Microsoft Lync device I prefer, there are a lot of options to choose from. To be honest there are many different vendors and different phones I like and recommend, based on an organization’s particular environment and telephony needs. I have included a few of my favorites for you below:

Polycom VVX 500:

At the moment, the device I use the most and my personal favorite is the Polycom VVX 500 in the photo with the sidecar (Polycom VVX Color Expansion Model). This particular device was designed for a broad range of UC environments and according to Polycom, it integrates with more IP PBX systems than any other business media phone in the industry. It is also very intuitive, easy-to-use and perfect for knowledge workers and busy managers.

Polycom CX600:

The second IP phone for Microsoft Lync that I would recommend is the Polycom CX600. This is a longtime favorite phone of mine and it’s been a solid workhorse. The Polycom CX600 is cost-effective and fully featured with HD voice technology and a large color display for on-screen presence. It is also perfect for workers in cubicles.

AudioCodes 440HD:

My brand new toy, which I am currently playing with is the AudioCodes 440HD. This device is a high-end executive IP Lync compatible phone. I will provide everyone with more details on how great the AudioCodes 440HD is in future blog series after I have spent some more time with the device.

These are just a few of my personal favorite Microsoft Lync optimized phones. There are many vendors and Lync optimized devices to choose from like which headsets, webcams, speakerphones, etc. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need advice on selecting the right Lync optimized phone or device for your environment, as there are many I can recommend based on your firm’s particular telephony needs.
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