How Virtual Desktops Empower Employees

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At SWC we love playing around with new technologies. One emerging technology that we find particularly exciting is the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI. VDI is awesome, because it provides new ways to connect workers to the solutions and applications that empower them. Essentially, what VDI does is move the users’ desktop experience from the traditional workstation computer into the datacenter, unbinding them from a physical location and freeing them to work from anywhere. Doing so provides a more agile workflow enabling workers to perform their roles regardless of where they are in the world.

Two of the more popular Virtual Desktop suites that you may have heard of are Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View. In addition, Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is proving to be a strong competitor in the VDI workspace. At SWC, we don’t like to play favorites – each of these solutions has its strengths and we can help identify which product is the right virtualization solution for your business.In general, a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution provides the following benefits to your organization:

  • The ability to connect your employees with their applications regardless of their device or location
  • A consistent application experience from user to user and device to device
  • Simplified and centralized management and control of the entire end-user experience
  • Increased security and more rapid Disaster Recovery
  • Improved employee productivity and agility
  • Reduced desktop computer costs

Similar to how virtualization radically reinvented how we deploy and manage servers, VDI will drastically change the way we think about the end-user experience. With a properly designed and implemented Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, your business will be more agile than ever – and able to quickly react to the rapidly-changing technological requirements that we all face.

Contact SWC if you would like to learn more about leveraging VDI in your environment and be sure to register to our blog, as we will continue to push about more content on the following virtualization topics:

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