Virtualization: A Solution That Has Radically Impacted Mid-Market IT

March 21, 2012   //   Virtualization, , , , , , ,

Technology has a reputation for moving fast. It’s constantly changing, evolving, responding to the market and becoming better. The story of virtualization technology fits this dynamic perfectly. In only a few short years, virtualization has gone from a concept to a widely accepted solution which has radically impacted the standard footprint of today’s middle market IT environment.

Server virtualization really established the position for this technology model. By collapsing multiple server roles into a fewer number of physical hosts, virtualization has provided the market – and our clients – with the ability to reduce their hardware requirements. Providing great efficiencies of physical space and power management but perhaps most compelling is that this concentrated approach offers significant cost reduction through consolidation, improved backup and recovery capabilities, and operational efficiencies in the configuration, deployment, and monitoring of many servers from a single console.

Over the last couple of years, virtualization has extended past the server and is now finding strong adoption as a desktop experience – allowing users to access their desktops and applications from any device.

The idea of desktop virtualization is strongly influenced by what has become a pervasive mobile community. Everyone seems to be tethered to a tablet or a Smartphone, and there is a growing expectation that these devices should be capable of accessing any source of information – whether it is personal or business. Desktop virtualization provides our clients with the ability to meet this demand – in essence to offer our clients the ability to deliver applications and desktops to any device in a secure and efficient manner.

There can be a lot of moving parts in technology and in business, and many times success is driven by understanding the power in simplicity. Through virtualization we are helping our clients leverage efficient, flexible and productive technology solutions.

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