SWC’s Microsite Design And SEO Services

October 30, 2012   //   Website Design And Development, , , , ,

SWC Technology Partners’ Digital Design solution provides website design and Search Engine Optimization or SEO services to Chicago area businesses. In this Digital Design video blog, we discuss microsites and SWC’s approach to SEO and how both are helping our clients achieve online success.

Through SEO, we learn so much about our clients, their competition, the market place and how their market strategies are or aren’t working. SWC’s approach to SEO is more than us just telling our clients what are the best keywords for their businesses. We complete a detailed assessment and conduct a full competitive analysis. As part of this assessment, we not only ask our clients what keywords they would like to target, but also show them what keywords their competition is targeting and which keywords people are using to search Google. This provides us with what we like to call “golden nuggets” of information, or a myriad of keywords that the client may not have considered targeting. We then create content around those keywords to help them to outrank their competition for those phrases. Sometimes in business, you are so focused on what your company is doing that you can’t see past your own prism. By looking at the competition, we find another way of looking at the marketplace, which is fascinating and helps to determine if your market strategy is working or failing and how you can achieve greater success.

Another issue we often encounter in an SEO assessment is that clients get stuck looking at their website and the experience in a singular way. They tell us, “We have this website and can only do SEO this way.” Sometimes they are limited by the platform they are using, such as a legacy platform, or because they are a huge company with a broad site that is already built out. We work with these clients to build a microsite strategy in a very SEO friendly platform like WordPress that helps to improve their rankings. A microsite is separate from your primary website and is a smaller site that generally consists of three to five pages, or even a single page designed around a smaller amount of specific keywords that you want to target. The microsite helps you rank better in the search engines for those terms. A great example would be if you want to target your services for a specific geographic location, i.e. Chicago Plumber or Oak Brook Consulting Firm.

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