Custom Website Helps IT Company Sell More Products and Retain New Customers

Custom Website Built to Generate Revenue

Written By // SWC Technology Partners

IT Savvy

A Custom Website that Integrates with Multiple Applications

ITsavvy is a national leader in both IT products and solutions. The company approached SWC to create a custom website that would feature intuitive navigation and would showcase the company’s new brand. SWC collaborated with multiple agencies to create a WordPress design that would function with multiple applications.

SWC worked with ITsavvy and other agencies to create a site that has extensive content management capabilities providing their organization with the ability to leverage great efficiencies in ongoing publication. The final site is visually compelling and showcases many enhanced features and strong SEO performance.

SWC used their expertise to custom code over 100 pages and complete all front end development for ITsavvy’s website. This included HTML, CSS, Javascript, coding for all design aspects and implemented SEO recommendations. All applications and plug ins are able to function timely and effectively resulting in a highly efficient site that will generate revenue for the years to come.

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