Internal Team and Customer Collaboration Made Easy for Marketing Solutions Firm

Using SharePoint to Connect with Customers

Written By // Jeff Lanham


Leveraging SharePoint to Collaborate and Communicate with Customers

SG360 provides direct marketing solutions to companies with offices across the United States, specializing in helping brands develop deep connections with their customers. The firm recently engaged SWC to create a SharePoint intranet portal that would be easily accessible and usable by their customers for all their project collaboration needs.

SWC worked with SG360 to build an intranet portal that could be used for internal team collaboration with their customers, detailing the status of each of their marketing pieces, including coupon books, filers, and other direct mail pieces. The intranet has provided a way for SG360 and their customers to collaborate together on projects and share documents with one another within the site’s client areas. Customers are now in the know and kept up-to-date on the status of each of their marketing pieces and when they will be shipped out to their customers.

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