Rehabilitation Center Develops Microsite Using SEO to Enter New Markets

Increasing Brand Visibility with SEO

Written By // SWC Technology Partners

Accelerated Center

Targeted Microsite Increases Exposure for Healthcare Company

Accelerated Rehab contacted SWC to help improve promotion around their newly acquired Ohio locations. SWC designed a microsite to help target their Ohio market.

SWC worked with Accelerated Rehab to create a microsite that was focused on gaining business in the Ohio market. This site offers a user-friendly experience with the options of quickly finding the nearest location, general information and getting a free injury screen. Users can now easily navigate around the site to gain knowledge and find the nearest location.

SEO Increases Brand Awareness for Local Facility

SWC conducts SEO for Accelerated’s site specifically for the Ohio market to help increase the visibility of their Ohio location via search engines. SWC manages and optimizes the microsite’s SEO monthly to ensure they continue to rank. This has generated greater awareness and demand in the Ohio community for Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers’ services.

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