Simpson Technologies Leverages 24/7 IT Managed Services to Compliment Internal Team

Turning IT Into a Competitive Advantage

Written By // Susie Cummings

Simpson Technologies

Simpson Technologies Leverages Managed IT Services to Drive Competitive Advantage

Simpson Technologies is a 103-year-old fifth-generation family-owned business specializing in the design and production of advanced process technologies and services for the global metal casting and chemical process industries. Simpson distributes products globally and has offices in Switzerland and India. Because they are running virtually around the clock, Simpson depends on SWC Technology Partners for managed IT services to provide the technical expertise and 24/7 coverage needed to efficiently run their business.

I can’t imagine doing my job now without SWC. Their professionalism, their expertise, not only on the day-to-day things like support, but also looking into the future at long-term plans. Whether that be going to the cloud or using Office 365.

– Julie McMillin, Chief Information Officer

Strategic IT Support that Brings Real Business Value

As part of the service, SWC’s team worked with the executive team at Simpson to put together a strategic technical roadmap or long-term vision on how the organization could use technology to help enable and grow their business. SWC then helped upgrade Simpson’s current IT environment, putting a strong technical infrastructure in place that they could enhance and expand overtime. SWC’s managed services team now complements Simpson’s internal IT team, enabling them to be more productive and focus on more strategic projects that impact the business.

Our internal IT team needs to be functional experts in our business software. In terms of managing our network and designing our website and digital communications. Those are things we can’t have the level of expertise that SWC brings to the table. So it’s great to be able to concentrate our own IT resources on our business processes and have access to all of SWC’s expertise on everything else, and we take advantage of everything else.

– Bruce Dienst, President & COO

Simpson has embraced technology and knows that it will give them a competitive advantage. It’s fueling a lot of innovation and exciting conversations about where technology can go and help their business continue to grow.

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