SWC Creates Secure Financial Application to Meet the Business Needs of Merchant Service Provider

Custom Application that Puts the Business Goals First

Written By // Jeff Hoffmann


Merchant Service Provider Looking to Improve Customer Experience

Integrity Payment Systems is a merchant service provider and acquirer of merchant processing. The average person walking down the street probably has no idea how credit flows after they leave the store. They think they swipe their card and Visa takes care of everything, but in between Visa and that card holder, there is a whole industry of merchant service providers that ensure those merchants are set up to accept the card, that the card gets charged properly, and that the merchant gets paid properly.

Integrity Payment Systems  processes approximately $3.5 billion worth of credit card transactions each year. The company felt they needed to build a custom merchant services application that would give them control over every aspect of the customer experience as well as make sure that their own employees had to access all of the information they needed to effectively do their jobs and provide exceptional customer service.

There are several things that are important when you’re implementing a merchant services application. First is the ability to scale the system very quickly. Second is having a robust Disaster Recovery solution that allows you to quickly get your systems back online – in hours and not days. Third, is a very robust security posture so you can keep your client’s data secure as well as pass all of the compliance audits that are necessary.

A Custom Application Built for the Business and Its Users

Integrity Payment Systems chose SWC to help them envision and develop the custom application because of the emphases SWC had on the business. The application development team came on-site and worked closely with business users in terms of understanding their day-to-day work and routine. Integrity Payment Systems had a very compressed schedule for development for this project, so even after they went live on the new system, SWC resources still worked with them very closely in terms of extending and expanding functionality and also worked with their development team to transition the technology so that they felt comfortable supporting it.

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