SWC Enhances Corporate Communication and Drives Efficiencies for Food Services Industry Leader

SharePoint Site Represents Deep Brand Connection

Written By // Jeff Lanham


Customized SharePoint Site Creates Strong Brand Connection

Wilton Industries is an industry leader, producing cake decorating, food crafting and innovative baking products. The company engaged SWC to create an internal SharePoint site for employees to enhance corporate communication initiatives and drive efficiencies.

SWC created a compelling SharePoint site that continues to drive efficiencies for Wilton. Through custom SharePoint development and design, SWC effectively reflected Wilton’s corporate culture by integrating imagery and content representative of the people who work at Walton and the innovative products and exceptional customer service they deliver.

One of the most prominent customized elements incorporated into the new collaboration platform included a carousel of rotating images stating the company’s mission and corporate values, which greatly enhanced the site’s overall impact and made employees feel a deep connection with the brand. Other custom featured included:

  • CEO’s Weekly Updates
  • Product Spotlights
  • Celebrate: Employee Highlights & News
  • Wilton in the News: What’s Happening
  • Open Tasks
  • Wilton Brand University
  • Form and Document Management

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