SWC Helps T2 Systems Accelerate their Productivity by Migrating to the Cloud with Microsoft Office 365

Transitioning to the Cloud with Office 365

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T2 Systems

A Growing Business Faces Challenges Collaborating Between Multiple Locations

SWC recently partnered with T2 Systems to enable productivity for a rapidly expanding workforce anywhere, anytime, on any device with Office 365.

T2 Systems, a leading parking management company based in Indianapolis, IN had recently acquired another parking management company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. One of the first challenges the company was faced with was to select and implement technology to facilitate a quick and seamless merger between two disparate workforces. In order to integrate the two companies together, T2 recognized they needed to begin at the productivity layer and implement technology that would allow their workforce to communicate and collaborate together from any location at any time, especially considering that nearly half of their users now operated remotely in a different geographic region.

Alongside this business need, T2 determined that this project was an ideal catalyst to move all of the productivity workloads for both companies into the cloud, recognizing that Office 365 was an ideal solution to accomplish these goals.

A Smooth Transition to the Cloud

SWC and T2 came together on the project through a mutual relationship with Microsoft. As a Microsoft Central Region Partner of the Year with 16 Microsoft Competencies, including Gold Competencies in Cloud Platform and Cloud Productivity, SWC was able to provide the expertise needed to effectively transition to the cloud, allowing T2 to continue to focus on their core business.

One of the advantages of partnering with SWC is that T2 was able to rely on a team of experts to ensure the project ran smoothly. The T2 team itself had a very technical staff, however they needed to focus on their core business. SWC was able to partner with T2 to provide a broad range of experience in Microsoft solutions, including Office 365, Exchange Online and SharePoint Online. This allowed T2 to continue to focus on their parking management software business as their internal team was growing.

The outcome of the project was just fantastic. It was everything we hoped to gain in the project. Our internal customers were very satisfied with it. It finished on budget. It finished on time. And everything worked exactly how we hoped it would. It’s not very often you get to say that about an IT project.

– Jim Hutchens, CTO & EVP of T2 Systems

Everyone wants to be your partner because they sell you a piece of software. But really, when you come in and you understand what the business is first, and you understand not only what we’re trying to solve but you read between the lines and say, “ok, now that we get you here, let’s talk about where we’re going to be 6 months from now.” That to me is partnership.

– Grant Dawson, VP Information Technology at T2 System

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