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SWC is proud to highlight a special partnership that has developed between our team and the Alain Locke Charter School.

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Alain Locke Charter School

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Alain Locke Choir Visits SWC

Every year SWC hosts the Alain Locke Charter School choir to sing carols in our atrium. The kids also get a chance to join us for lunch, tour our office and shadow our team.

SWC Donates Technology

SWC and Microsoft upgrade technology at Alain Locke as part of a broader company/school affiliation begun in mid-2011 under the auspices of Bob Knott, CEO of SWC Technology Partners.

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Alain Locke Charter School Partnership

SWC and Alain Locke Charter School partner to create a better future. This is a story we are proud of and it serves as a reminder that our role in the community can be more than just… business.

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