SWC Business Technology Events

SWC Business and Technology Events

SWC Technology Partners holds monthly complimentary technology luncheon events in Chicago, Oak Brook, Indianapolis and locations throughout the Midwest to educate local mid-market companies on the latest tools and strategies that are transforming businesses today. We invite key IT and C-level professionals to step out for an hour, enjoy a complimentary lunch, and see what new technology and business strategies are working for today’s market leaders. Through industry research, demonstrations and real-life examples, SWC will show you how you can revolutionize your business operations and productivity, strengthen customer relationships, enhance data sharing and drive profitability. Whether you’re interested in moving to the cloud, leveraging business intelligence technology or looking to take a more strategic approach to IT, we have an event for you.

Event Takeaways

Get more out of our events by downloading our event resources after you attend one of our free luncheons.

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What Leaders Think

I enjoyed learning about the solutions’ capabilities and liked the slides on roadmap development and making the solution succeed!Director, Higher Education Institute