Real Estate Industry

Where do you stand to gain – and lose – in your real estate portfolio?

Real Estate Industry

In the real estate market, the right information can help bring the clarity needed to help grow your investments. Since 1980, SWC has delivered solutions for Real Estate Investment Trusts (public and private), corporate real estate departments, exchange intermediaries, tenant representatives, and residential brokers.

Our solutions include document repositories in Microsoft SharePoint; leasing pipeline solutions in Microsoft CRM; commercial real estate portfolio business intelligence solutions for financials, leasing and accounts receivables; space planning software; custom web-based solutions; infrastructure implementations and managed IT support services.

SWC can also build your portfolio analysis environment quickly and cost-effectively with our RealAnalytics business intelligence solution. Our highly capable and credentialed consultants and proven experience makes SWC the right choice for protecting and growing your real estate portfolio.

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“Working with SWC is more than just a typical vendor-client relationship. I really appreciate the type of partnership that we have. They are looking out for the best interest of the group and not just the specific application at hand.”

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