SWC Featured in Monster.com on Social Media Recruiting Trends

January 6, 2016   //   News

With Millennials now the largest generation in the workforce, social media recruiting is more important than ever. But you won’t land the best and brightest candidates by simply turning up the volume on social. Here are some ways that forward-thinking employers will make their social recruiting better — not just bigger — in 2016.

Make yourself useful to candidates in their careers. Give targeted talent pools good reason to follow your company. “We’re tweeting heavily with industry info that’s useful to candidates,” says Jill Neumann of SWC Technology Partners.

Get personal, but don’t overstep. As you test what works with social recruiting and what doesn’t, tread with care. “We’re going to try using Facebook to reach out directly to candidates,” says Neumann. “We’ll have to see how this will be perceived, whether people react positively or feel it’s too personal.”

Find the sweet spot for frequency of contact. It’s tempting – and easy with available technology — to treat every prospective candidate as your company’s new best friend. But don’t lose sight of how your social striving goes over with your target audience. “I’m very concerned about social-media fatigue,” says Neumann. “We don’t need to saturate every channel. We don’t want to be showing up in a candidate’s feed 10 times a day or we’ll get unfollowed.”

Experiment for the future. Don’t diminish your recruitment presence by trying to be everywhere in the ever-expanding universe of social media. But do keep abreast of what’s newest in social – just ask your new-grad hires – and methodically test novel approaches. Just don’t try all of the latest social channels at once. “Our long game includes brand building with SnapChat, Vines and other video,” says Neumann.

This article originally appeared on Monster.com.