Chicago's Mid-Market Companies Go High-Tech to Drive Growth

October 25, 2016   //   News

Chicago’s mid-market business leaders are optimistic about the future (77%) and are increasing information technology (IT) budgets (68%) to drive growth, according to the results of a new survey of more than 780 Chicago-based C-suite and technology executives. Companies across more than 20 Chicago industries are embracing innovative technologies, including cloud adoption (77%) and data-based decision-making (a #1 priority), to compete in 2016 and beyond.

If you think only Chicago’s start-up businesses are adopting innovative IT, think again. Chicago’s leading mid-market companies are using IT to successfully transform the way they do business and drive growth.

-Bob Knott, President of SWC Technology Partners

Today’s technology services and solutions are providing mid-market businesses the efficiency, agility and innovation they need to compete on a global scale – with companies of all sizes.

We recognized that the world around us was changing, and our options were to lead, follow or ignore change. Two of those three options were death spirals. We have committed to using technology as a driver of innovation, and it has contributed to double-digit growth in a highly competitive industry that follows gross domestic product growth.

-Ed Holland, CEO of M. Holland

M. Holland plans to hire 25 new employees in the coming year, including 15 in Northbrook.

Technology has been a real game-changer for us. Being on the leading edge of technology has enabled us to stay far ahead of the regulatory curve, increase our distribution, and improve quality and customer service—all of which has enabled exponential growth.

-Fred Dingraudo, COO of Batory Foods

Soon, Batory will open a new line of business in Wilmington, Ill., which will bring more than 50 new jobs to Chicago.

Download the Full 2016 Mid-Market IT Report to Learn More About How Successful Companies Leverage Technology to Drive Growth

The report describes four common characteristics among companies who successfully leverage technology to drive value

  1. They ensure IT executives have a seat at the leadership table
  2. They migrate to the cloud for agility, scale and economics
  3. They make data-based decisions about growth
  4. They realize they cannot afford to build IT teams that provide the breadth of expertise required today.

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