SWC Featured In Direct Marketing News

March 1, 2014   //   News

Digital marketing can enhance the reach and precision of a direct mail campaign. Direct mail can spice up an otherwise intangible digital campaign. Whichever approach marketers take, blending the two disciplines can improve performance, heighten engagement, and bring new creative opportunities to an entire marketing organization…(snippet)

For a low-tech, higher-touch approach, the tangible giveaway still has merit when it can be tied to a relevant digital interaction. IT consultancy SWC Technology Partners built a “Reindeer Games” December campaign on the back of a humble, practical freebie: a promotional coffee mug. The mailer pointed recipients to a five-minute whimsical video, positioning SWC as a tech provider to the North Pole’s most famous resident. The game component asked viewers to count the number of times the giveaway mug appeared in the clip, with respondents entered to win a rugged video camera. “3D mailers give us the opportunity to break through the clutter,” says SWC VP Elliott Baretz. “This campaign wasn’t one we thought would have a significant impact on our [marketing] database, but we thought we would create greater awareness in the marketplace.”

Mission accomplished. Reindeer Games garnered 1,900 video views and 160 contest entries—converting just under 50% of the total mailings into registrations. “We were happy: 1,900 views, compared with other video assets, was by far our best response,” Baretz says. “Just in the first couple of hours we had more views to this video than any other video asset we have.” (continue with full article)

This article, “Blurred Lines” originally appeared online at Digital Marketing News.