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April 24, 2014   //   News

Responsive Web design is a hot topic, but is it the only way to go?

A variety of Internet professionals – all with advanced knowledge of Web design and development and user experience – weighed in on whether businesses should go responsive or create websites optimized for each device individually. Website Magazine asked them to vote for one (responsive or mobile optimized), explain their vote, tell us if there were circumstances when their vote (responsive or mobile optimized) wouldn’t be the best use case and explain to us their own approach to the mobile Web at their individual companies. Here’s what they had to say. (Snippet – Link To View Full Article Below).


Vote: Responsive

Responsive Design is a better choice for most websites being utilized today. It allows the developer/designer to only maintain one set of code and graphics, streamlining the entire design, development and marketing process. Responsive design also ensures that all users will have a consistent experience, regardless of how they are accessing your site – e.g. smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc. It’s much more difficult to develop optimized sites for each device’s unique resolution and dimensions – a single responsive site that adapts to everyone is the way to go.

Additionally, responsive allows organizations to provide useful and tailored user experiences without the extra maintenance or hassle that comes with optimized sites. However, it is good to keep in mind that optimized sites are not altogether lost. Given the resources and proven demand, they can be a great way to provide that extra touch of personalization and enhanced functionality.

Are there any cases when your vote wouldn’t be the best use-case?

An instance where using an optimized website design is better would be for sites having additional functionality or personalization depending on which device is used. For example, if someone was accessing an e-commerce website and using the checkout, add-ons and different shopping workflows. Also factored into this is the use of geo-targeting – using GPS to enhance your customers’ user experience.

Company Approach:

In general, I’d suggest offering a client standard responsive Web design as that will encompass most needs, without complicating budgets or timelines. However, if it’s discovered a more enhanced, tailored feel is desired, the idea of optimized sites might be worth further investigating.

This article, “The Great Design Debate: Responsive or Optimized,” originally appeared online at WebsiteMagazine.com.