Hermanson Partners with SWC to Build Better IT with Microsoft Cloud Solutions

October 9, 2019   //   News

Hermanson Company is a mechanical contractor that builds and services the physical infrastructure—HVAC, piping, and plumbing—for commercial, public, and institutional clients all over the Pacific Northwest. Headquartered in Kent, Washington, the company began in 1979 as a sheet metal and HVAC system contractor.

As the company rapidly grew, the limitations of its on-premises infrastructure hobbled its IT team. “Hermanson was expanding quickly, and our IT team was spending the majority of their time keeping the lights on,” says Dustin Adam, Solutions Architect at Hermanson. It was time for a new approach, and in 2016, the team migrated Hermanson’s on-premises workloads to Azure and adopted Microsoft 365 E5, a complete, intelligent solution that includes Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10, and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security, empowering everyone to be creative and collaborate more securely.

We now use the 80 percent of time we used to spend simply maintaining operations and securing data to focus on the business and drive value back to our clients.

-Tom Papahronis, Director of Information Technology at Hermanson Company.

Hermanson Chooses SWC as a Managed Service Provider

Hermanson’s IT team spent three years planning and carefully aligning for a seamless cloud transition. During those years, Hermanson deployed Microsoft 365 E5, including Azure Active Directory Premium P2, Azure Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), Microsoft Cloud App Security, Microsoft Intune, and Microsoft Defender ATP to support their digital foundation. While small in numbers, its team was highly competent. But after its successful deployment, the team decided that the best way to optimize security internally was by engaging a managed service provider to help maintain and better secure the solutions it had deployed.

Hermanson chose SWC Technology Partners to help monitor security alerts around the clock via the company’s Managed Defense service. Developed with Microsoft, SWC’s Managed Defense service applies intelligent tools in Microsoft 365 to harden a client’s environment while taking advantage of artificial intelligence and the security expertise of SWC’s always-on team. “The standard procedures that Microsoft recommended were tremendously useful when we installed Azure ATP,” says Papahronis, “but it was shockingly hard to find the right partner to step in for our occasional support needs. That security focus was a core competency for SWC, and it had exactly the service offering we were looking for.”

In today’s world, there are pervasive security issues and threats. Hermanson was very focused not only on the deployment of the most relevant technology but also on ensuring that its customers would know that they were in a trusted environment. Our solution enables Hermanson to focus on its core business, because now, from a security perspective, it’s operationally efficient.

-Ric Opal, Principal at SWC Technology Partners, a BDO USA LLP company.

Hermanson’s Success with Cloud Solutions

For Hermanson, investment in the cloud offers capabilities that wouldn’t typically be available to a medium-sized company. The team today has a data-driven view of organizational health that it never had previously, and with that knowledge comes the power to become a more strategic, proactive company that sets the tone in its industry. Now more than ever, “Hermanson employees are thinking about Hermanson business and Hermanson customers”, says Adam. “We help build data centers,” adds Adam, “but running them is not a core competency of Hermanson and never will be. That’s why choosing Microsoft 365 and Azure was the perfect answer for us—it allows us to focus on adding value to the organization.”

There are powerful third-party solutions out there, but the operational cost is astronomical compared to Microsoft solutions in that space. And nobody is going to develop interoperable solutions with Windows 10 better than the company that created Windows.

-Dustin Adam, Solutions Architect at Hermanson Company.

Since deploying Managed Defense, Tom and his team improved their ability to remediate evolving threats, as well as, are receiving more value, functionality, reliability, and flexibility than ever before. Their partnership with SWC allows the Hermanson team to stay focused on business priorities, while still adding value to their organization.

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