How to Sell Unified Communications to Your Boss

November 15, 2013   //   News

IT leaders share how they made the best business case for a UC deployment to senior management.

Efficiencies, cost savings and improved services make unified communications and collaboration “a no-brainer” for Colony Bank, says Greg Judy.

When Vice President of Information Technology Greg Judy and his staff at Colony Bank evaluated the latest in unified communications and collaboration technologies, they saw a range of potential benefits. A Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system and standard UC services such as four-digit speed dialing, centralized management of extensions and calling queues, instant messaging (IM) and video conferencing would not only reduce costs, but also could improve internal business processes and enhance customer service.

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UC Fosters Enterprisewide Collaboration

The Wittenstein Group, an international corporation with locations in 40 countries (including U.S. offices in California and Illinois), creates precision motors for gearboxes used in industrial automation systems. It relies on Microsoft Lync for UC.

“We are a global organization with headquarters and much of our engineering power located in Germany, so the ability to communicate and collaborate throughout the company is very important for us,” says Holger Beuschlein, Wittenstein’s information technology manager.

UC can link together product specialists, service reps or IT technicians from multiple facilities to collectively answer customer questions or solve internal problems.

“We may be IM’ing with a colleague in Germany and decide we need to share our computer screens to answer a question,” Beuschlein explains. “Right from the IM window, we can click a button and connect to share our screens.”

Similarly, Beuschlein adds, Wittenstein staff can share screens with customers — even if they’re not running Lync — if the need to review a design comes up during a phone call.
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