Mid-2014 IT Recruiting: Hot and Getting Hotter

December 18, 2014   //   News

In the summer of 2014, the IT recruiting scene is hot and getting hotter. Demand is rising faster than supply, and tech talent — from coders to IT project managers — are feeling their oats.

Just ask Julie Desmond. “I’m looking at my email and there are 64 new jobs today — just in networking and support,” says Desmond, IT and software engineering recruiting manager at search firm George Konik Associates in Minneapolis. “It’s even hard to find the IT people who crawl under desks.”

Here’s what recruiters and hiring managers told us about how the IT talent marketplace is treating them.

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High Demand on the Cutting Edge

There’s high demand for talent with experience in cloud services, infrastructure, software as a service (SaaS), business intelligence and Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint, says Patrick O’Rourke, HR and talent development coordinator at SWC Technology Partners in Oak Brook, Ill.

“The cloud services space is one of the most challenging,” he says. “The tech skills to do migration and to architect cloud structures are among the most difficult to find.”

This article, “Mid-2014 IT Recruiting: Hot and Getting Hotter,” originally appeared on Monster.com.