What Job Perks Keep Younger Adults Happy?

September 16, 2015   //   News

As the shift in the demographics of the U.S. workforce occurs, employers who want to retain the best young talent are going to have to recognize how younger workers differ from previous generations and offer benefits and incentives that appeal to them.

SWC Technology Partners was featured in Crain’s Chicago Business in April 2015 not only for its abundance of free in-office food but also for developing its employees through perks like tuition reimbursement, a formal mentorship program pairing tenured employees with newer ones and a hands-on training laboratory.

Fran Peters, human resources manager at the Oak Brook company, said some industries in Chicago tend to be a little stuffy, but things are rapidly changing. “Something as silly as always having the fridge stocked with soda and apples, those little things make a world of difference. Not every organization does that, but it’s becoming a lot more common.”

She said that, as a perk, SWC throws its employees a lavish holiday party in a ritzy downtown space and rents them hotel rooms for the night.

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