Master Data Management Software Helps Manufacturers

July 3, 2015   //   News

This article, “Master Data Management Software Helps Manufacturers Control Product Data,” originally appeared online at TechTarget’s SearchManufacturingERP. It highlights the value of master data management (MDM) software for manufacturers. MDM software includes process, governance, policy, standards and tools to manage an organization’s critical data — for example, the management of data used in ERP systems and cross-enterprise data. Below is an expert featuring SWC’s principal consultant, Chad Dotzenrod.

Manufacturers welcome MDM once they realize its value. Chad Dotzenrod, principal consultant with SWC Technology Partners, said his conversations with manufacturing clients go well when he discusses master data management software. “I wish every software solution was as easy to demonstrate value and provide immediate impact,” he said. “You just don’t see that with other software products. Many times you hear horror stories about how long it takes to implement a new ERP solution, whereas MDM can be done very tactically. There are instances where we went in and in less than a month we put it in place to do something tactically and provide immediate ROI.”