Ric Opal Reacts to Microsoft’s Decision to Replace Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams in the Next Two Years

July 31, 2019   //   News

By now many users know of Microsoft’s plan to retire Skype for Business and switch to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft recently announced a timetable for the transition and Skype for Business will retire on July 31, 2021. Users will no longer be able to access Skype for Business after this date.

To prepare for the transition, Microsoft has rapidly developed and expanded their Teams application. They have also worked closely with customers to refine Teams and to ensure the move from Skype for Business to Teams is seamless.

The transition to Teams is not a small change but, Teams offers many of the same capabilities as Skype for Business. Microsoft understands that every organization is unique and assures users that teams will enhance collaboration and communication.

“The move is a “big deal” both for customers and partners of Microsoft”, said Ric Opal, Principal at SWC Technology Partners, a BDO USA LLP company.

“Teams is “a platform built for the cloud, versus the Skype platform that was not necessarily initially architected for cloud,” Opal said. “You’ve got a mobile experience that’s elegant and that was made for mobile, if you will.”

“It’s not like you’re monitoring an inbox. It’s more like you’re interacting on social media, which I think a lot of people find to be more appealing,” Opal said.

The transition also allows Microsoft Partners the opportunity to provide additional services such as security and compliance, system integration, and enablement-adoption.
“The need for the user to understand and buy in is critical. Because unless you’ve got 100 percent buy-in, you don’t have 100 percent return,” Opal said.

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