Ric Opal Responds to Success of Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) Program

January 30, 2018   //   News

The sweeping changes Microsoft recently made to their channel partners program are proving to be successful. The co-selling program designed to improve the partnership between Microsoft salespeople and solution providers, such as SWC Technology Partners, has seen massive adoption. As a result, customers are benefiting from a closely aligned business strategy to the Microsoft technology solutions that are enabling their business.

As part of this initiative, Microsoft’s Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program is also helping customers shift to a cloud-focused business model. SWC responded to this initiative in a recent blog, Three Ways CSP Can Simplify Business in the Cloud.

What [CSP] was and what that means is now broadly understood in the partner community, so now we’re seeing it being embraced. That gets coupled with the fact that Microsoft has made the partner interaction with their field sales teams relatively seamless at this point, where CSP is completely accepted as a great strategy for customers and partners. And it’s viewed that way by Microsoft field sellers as well.

– Ric Opal, vice president at SWC Technology Partners

As Microsoft continues to provide better programs to support service providers in their efforts to help customers transform their business, it’s expected that Microsoft will continue to ramp up efforts on enabling digital transformation through technology such as artificial intelligence.

To learn more about Microsoft’s strategic programs with IT services provider, read the full article at CRN.com: Microsoft Reports Surge in Co-selling and CSP Partners.