Seven Ways To Create A Healthier Workplace

April 8, 2014   //   News

Are you doing everything you can?

Creating a healthier workplace takes more than just handing out pedometers and hoping people will use them. It’s about creating a culture of wellness that is a core part of your organization’s identity.

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Let Employees Run a Wellness Program

Amanda McQueen works in the marketing department at SWC Technology Partners and is an active member of the company’s wellness team, a group of employees that brands and runs the company’s wellness program.

“Together they pick initiatives that are important and meaningful to them which translates into greater company-wide participation,” she says. “The activities they choose are usually team based or educate staff on various wellness topics, such as stress reduction techniques, healthy food bake-off challenges, tips on achieving goals, and so on.”

The team has put together events such as healthy “breakfast bars” that offer smoothies, yogurt and oatmeal; offering custom water bottles to measure healthy water intake; team fitness challenges and charity races and intramural sports teams.

“The program is a success because it’s unique and a lot of fun,” McQueen says.

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