SWC Social Media And Video Expert Featured In DM Confidential Instagram Video Article

June 24, 2013   //   News

What Marketers and Brands Should Know About Instagram Videos: 5 Key Questions (excerpt)

What are best practices for marketers and brands looking to use videos on Instagram?
Though the medium is different, marketers should keep best practices for photos in mind when creating Instagram videos. “Tell your story. Be clear. Focus with a hashtag when appropriate,” Nix says. “The one thing to remember is even though you are availed 2.5 times more video than Vine, you must remain concise and to the point.”

While 15 seconds is longer than the six seconds Vine videos offer, marketers still need to remember that less is more. “Video on Instagram gives brands the amazing ability to give viewers the inside view of their company, but clogging their feeds with numerous videos could cause unfollowing,” says Sarah Derry, marketing coordinator at SWC Technology Partners.

But brevity doesn’t give brands license to stray from their standards. Quality remains important, and brands need to ensure that their Instagram videos reflect their image. “I have seen numerous companies post a video that is flat-out terrible and makes their brand look bad,” Derry says.

The full article, “What Marketers and Brands Should Know About Instagram Videos: 5 Key Questions,” originally appeared on DM Confidential.

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