Subject, Wills & Company Changes Name to SWC Technology Partners

December 4, 2006   //   News

New Name Builds on Firm History, Explains Core Business

Oak Brook, IL | December 4, 2006 –
Subject, Wills & Company, a leading provider of innovative IT solutions to small and medium-size businesses (SMB), finalized its name change to SWC Technology Partners today with an announcement to clients and employees.

“Our new name better represents what our firm does,” said Robert Knott, president of SWC Technology Partners in a letter explaining the change. “For more than 25 years, the company has provided technology guidance, resources and solutions as a partner to SMB companies. This name makes our focus explicit.”

SWC Technology Partners and Its History

In 1980, Dave Subject and Don Wills founded Subject, Wills & Company to provide innovative, practical technology solutions to SMB companies. The strategy paid off, and the firm weathered the ups and downs of a highly competitive and changing industry that consumed many of its competitors.

In its 25-year tenure, SWC Technology Partners earned a reputation as a dedicated, knowledgeable IT solutions provider that understands the SMB market and the unique challenges that these companies face when they implement new technologies to achieve business goals.

In 2005, Knott and the current management team completed an acquisition of the company.

SWC Technology Partners Offers Tailored SMB Solutions and Tools
“Strategic needs are different in the SMB marketplace as compared to large enterprise environments,” explained Knott. “Whether it is the resource constraints, time requirements or budget restrictions, SMB companies envision and implement IT solutions differently. There is less room for error in these engagements.”

SWC Technology Partners honed its skills and solutions exclusively for the SMB market, and today the firm provides five areas of expertise to clients. They include:

  • Managed services solutions that enable SMB companies to improve network reliability, predict expenditures and focus internal IT talent on strategic IT projects designed to improve profitability
  • Performance management solutions that turn data into real-time, actionable business intelligence that SMB executives can use to improve business performance
  • Business application solutions that capture core competencies and create a competitive advantage through custom development and systems integration.
  • Messaging & collaboration solutions that provide enhanced collaboration and communication solutions to enable the SMB workforce, partners and customers to more efficiently work together, improving productivity
  • Network infrastructure & security solutions that provide reliable, extensible and secure networks, safe and ongoing data storage, and complete hardware, software and services solutions.

In addition to these solutions designed for the SMB market, SWC Technology Partners offers a flexible delivery approach that anticipates the unique constraints common to SMB engagements and leverages the firm’s 25+ years of successful solution delivery.

“Our approach evolved over time with our work in the SMB space,” said Elliott Baretz, director business development. “The reality is that a project in the enterprise sector behaves differently than one in the SMB arena. Any firm serving the SMB marketplace needs to know that and lead accordingly.”

Strategic Technology Partnerships Fuel SWC Abilities

By nurturing strategic relationships with Microsoft Corp., Hewlett Packard and Symantec Corp., SWC Technology Partners offers complete and current sets of IT solutions to the SMB market. With consultants that are certified and expert in the large product “stacks” offered by each of the three companies, SWC is adept at implementing technology in the flexible ways needed by SMB companies.

For example, the company’s high competency with Microsoft technologies allows it to architect, deploy and manage network environments (infrastructure) in SMB environments as well as develop, customize and deploy applications ranging from CRM to messaging and collaboration to business intelligence. The Symantec relationship provides access to a wide range of security solutions. And, expert knowledge of HP technology and solutions allows SWC to deploy and configure any level of infrastructure / storage requirement.

SWC Gears Up for 2007

With more than 50 full-time consultants and a client list that includes hundreds of satisfied SMB companies, SWC Technology Partners is committed to maintaining its leadership role as the preferred supplier of complete IT solutions for small and medium-size businesses.

“We made great progress in 2006,” said Knott, firm president. “And, we are going to use that momentum to fuel our growth in the coming year. How will the firm look in 12 months, in 24 months? I am confident that SWC Technology Partners will continue to be a trusted IT business advisor and solution provider to SMB companies precisely because that is our primary focus.”

About SWC Technology Partners

SWC Technology Partners ( is the leading provider of innovative IT solutions to small and medium-size businesses. For over 25 years, SWC has excelled at providing strategic guidance and delivering solutions tailored to the needs of growing organizations. SWC’s areas of expertise include best-in-class Managed Services, Performance Management, Business Applications, Messaging & Collaboration and Network Infrastructure & Security solutions. Headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, SWC is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a Symantec Gold Certified Partner and a Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Partner.