Survey: Biggest Challenge for SMBs

November 1, 2012   //   News

Challenge is a word many small and midsize businesses know. But what is the greatest challenge of all? According to a new survey, it’s keeping up with current technology.

A recent article on Tech Republic, featured the results of a SWC Technology Partners (IT consulting firm) survey, “The 2012 SWC Technology Trends Survey,” that focused on Windows 8, mobile apps, cloud computing, and other tech topics. The survey tallied the responses from 220 midmarket IT and business leaders about Windows 8, cloud computing, SharePoint, revenue market share and profit margins, and mobile apps. More than 28 percent of those who took the survey said “keeping up” with IT is their main challenge today.

IT Pain Points

According the survey, more than 50 percent of the companies interviewed depend on one IT person. That’s one body to keep up with upgrades and the critical issue of security–alone. BYOD doesn’t make an IT person’s job any easier. Knowledge of the latest in cloud technology, virtualization, and significant upgrades like Microsoft Windows are part of the job, too.

The survey said that 32 percent will be running Windows 8 by the end of 2012. Nearly 51 percent say their organization will be running Windows 8 by the end of 2013. Other interesting findings: 62 percent say they do not plan to build a mobile app within the next year and 34 percent characterized their company’s adoption of cloud computing as no activity.

SMBs Today

The survey calls out the fact that small and midsize businesses today are aware that IT is more than a full-time job and mapping a company IT strategy isn’t so simple these days. The failure to upgrade IT is a mistake because investment usually means a chance to increase revenues. When a business makes the correct investments that means it is aware of the latest trends and the latest security software and practices.

According to SWC’s survey, 56 percent of businesses reported an increase in revenue in the last year. In order for a small and midsize business to run at its best–the best technology at the right price point needs to be in place. Agility and flexibility in IT operations makes a difference. When a small and midsize business is aware of the available technology on the market, it will affect purchasing decisions and the overall business processes.

Keeping Up

A small and midsize business can’t survive doing things the way it has in the past. The risk is that business will continue as it has–“in the past.” A good self-examination of hardware, software, and services as well as upgrades and new technology is a great start to keeping up with the biggest challenge for any small and midsize business out there: being up-to-date. Technology will continue to upgrade and evolve and each business must take advantage of that to foster its own growth.

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