Susie Cummings Interviewed at N-able Summit about Managed Services and the Cloud

December 20, 2013   //   News

SWC’s Vice President and Managed Services Practice Leader was interviewed by N-able Technologies at their 2013 Global Partner Summit. Watch the video below to learn more about what Susie Cummings

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The Cloud

SWC primarily focuses on the mid-market and we’re finding that the cloud is a very real and current theme for them. Some of these organizations might be a little unsure about what the cloud means. But we consistently hear from the C-level folks that they no longer want to be in the hardware business. So for them, it’s all about trying to figure out how the cloud can be best leveraged for their organizations. We spend a lot of time with those companies discussing what a hybrid model might look like, bringing some technologies to the cloud and keeping other technologies on premise. We help mid-market organizations to develop a strategic roadmap so that they can get where they need to be.

Managed Services in the Cloud

One of the most compelling pieces of this is that we can use to cloud for our customers as an extension of our Managed Services offering and provide them with a very comprehensive and holistic view of their environment, regardless of whether it’s in the public cloud, the private cloud or an on-premise solution. That holistic visibility really gives them piece of mind.

The N-able Summit

SWC has been an N-able partner for over seven years. We sent our Delivery Manager who also has responsibility over our Managed Services platform to the Summit last year. He came back with not only a wealth of information about what he learned from other partners that are the same size and scale as SWC, but also connected with product managers influencing how we’re currently leveraging the tools that N-able provides. We feel there is a lot more connectivity between our organizations and they are helping us to enable and grow our business.