SWC Designs New Pivot Browser to Enrich Browsing and Navigation in SharePoint Libraries

November 11, 2010   //   News

Oak Brook, IL, November 8, 2010 – SWC Technology Partners has launched Pivot Browser, a custom tool that leverages Microsoft PivotViewer technology to facilitate browsing and querying of files stored in Microsoft SharePoint and other applications.

SWC’s Pivot Browser is a graphical interface that enhances the PivotViewer browsing and navigation experience within SharePoint libraries as well as other applications. It allows users to search one or multiple SharePoint libraries in a visual manner, and identify, locate and sort items based on file attributes or properties.

Using Pivot Browser

Users open the Pivot Browser and select the desired values of files they wish to locate in the Property window. Filter criteria can be entered and cleared with just one or two clicks of the mouse. There are numeric properties including a slider control that allows users to set specific minimum and maximum threshold values. Once the search criteria are entered, the Item window immediately updates to show thumbnail images of all matching files, along with file properties.

When users locate the file(s) they are seeking, a double click on the thumbnail opens the file in the appropriate application. The experience is leveraged within the rich graphical interface that the Silverlight PivotViewer provides.

The SWC Pivot Browser is an outstanding query tool for SharePoint document libraries, but it also works well in a variety of applications.

“We listened to our customers and developed Pivot Browser in response to their request for a more interactive, intuitive, visual way to locate and sort files in SharePoint,” said Jeff Hoffmann, Vice President of SWC Technology Partners. “This new tool is a customized use of PivotViewer technology that adds value to our SharePoint implementations.”

The tool enhances and simplifies the process of querying, locating and organizing files from within a vast SharePoint library. By making searches and queries more intuitive and simple, it saves time and increases accuracy. At the same time, it enables a more thorough understanding of commonalities and connections between files.

The Pivot concept was first introduced in 2009 by Microsoft Live Labs to help show how various objects on the web are interconnected. It uses Internet Explorer’s rendering engine to map out how pages connect to one another and presents information in a visual format that helps users sort through it for specific information and details that will be of value to them. Pivot can also show a graphical breakdown of how a user’s Internet browsing and search history in Explorer is interconnected.

PivotViewer was rolled out by Microsoft in the summer of 2010 and enables users to visualize thousands of items at once and organize and navigate them within a rich media application.

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