Skills Gaps Point to Challenge of Finding Strategic Project Management Skills

March 25, 2015   //   News

Finding the right person for the job requires a combination of clear objectives, the right channels – and often a bit of luck. Finding a project manager with the right skills can be even trickier. Some project management (PM) skills are harder to find than others. So what are the most difficult PM skills to recruit?

Patrick O’Rourke, a recruiter at Chicago IT consulting firm SWC Technology Partners, had a different take on things. He said the most difficult technical PM skill to hire is the “technical” skill.

“All strong PMs have great communication skills which often lead employers to believe that they can compensate for not having a true technical background. However in the end there is no substitute for having the hands on technical engineering/development experiences to draw from when scoping, budgeting, architecting and communicating with the business users,” he said.

O’Rourke went on to say that, in the end, there is no true substitute for experience, hands on technical experiences being the most important skill in building a strong foundation for a technical project manager.

SWC’s Patrick O’Rourke featured in Nearshore Americas. Read full article here: Skill Gaps Point to Challenge of Finding Strategic Management Skills