Wearable Tech, Connections to Our Stuff Are Likely 2015 Trends

December 30, 2014   //   News

Wearable technology, more connections with your house and car, and faster speeds continue to dominate the hottest technologies expected in the new year, according to suburban tech experts.

As more police officers explore the use of wearable cameras in the aftermath of turmoil in various cities this year, and consumers continue to seek new ways to do old tasks, it’s easy to see how sensors and other devices will become more prominent.

We asked some local executives and other tech pros what they believe will be the trends in the coming year. Let us know if you agree.

Adam Ferguson, vice president of client engagement, SWC Technology Partners, Oak Brook: There have been an overwhelming amount of security breaches publicized this year and the vast majority are the result of basic methods of entry into a customer’s environment, meaning users clicking on a link that contains malware that infiltrates into an organization’s system and connects back to robots that exploit the organization’s data. Our customers have found success using FireEye products for cyber security and malware protection. The right products coupled with the right tactics, such as security managed services, are necessary to limit risk and keep an organization’s environment secure. There has been a real paradigm shift in application development using cloud-based models. In 2014, we have noticed that customers are no longer just talking about application development in the cloud, they are actually doing it. In 2015, leveraging Microsoft Azure for application development in the cloud provides huge economic savings and drastically reduces the time it takes organizations to go to market.

The compelte article, “Experts: Wearable Tech, Connections to Our Stuff Are Likely 2015 Trends,” can be found in the Daily Hearld  online.