Application Development

Bring your great idea to life

Whether you’re looking to customize an out-of-the-box solution or to develop unique applications tailor-made to fit your specific requirements, SWC can help define your vision and then bring it to life. Our multi-practice team leverages the collective expertise of software developers, infrastructure engineers, and business process consultants to deliver a full range of business solution that integrate into new or existing systems.

Client Success

One Smooth Stone was looking for a technically advanced way to create an online experience that tracks the success of individual sales associates throughout the years. SWC developed an online portal that allows secure access for all 27,000 retail sales associates, so they can track their sales progress individually or as a team.

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We Develop Applications that Realize the Benefits of Cloud Computing

If you’re considering leveraging the cloud to reduce startup time and improve efficiency, we specialize in developing applications that realize the benefits of cloud computing. Leveraging the cloud typically reduces startup time of our custom app dev projects by over 95%. We bring expertise to help make that evaluation and ensure your cloud footprint is right-sized for your applications.

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