Where do you stand to gain – and lose – in your real estate portfolio?

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RealAnalyticsBusiness Intelligence Designed for Your Portfolio

Where Do You Stand To Gain – And Lose – In Your Real Estate Portfolio?
If you can’t answer this question at any given moment in today’s market, you’ve lost your competitive advantage. SWC’s RealAnalytics solution was designed specifically to help real estate investment firms monitor, analyze and act on portfolio data and stay competitive in any economy.

Seamlessly integrated with any industry-leading transaction system and customized for your portfolio, RealAnalytics ensures that you’ve got the right answers with a few simple clicks—forget tedious manual reports filled with outdated, irrelevant information. RealAnalytics helps you make more informed decisions faster with the ability to:

Monitor: Performance at a glance.
Easy-to-read, customizable scorecards deliver the headlines through Key Performance Indicators that show you the goal, actual, variance, trend and status of your most important metrics.

Analyze: Drill down, drill deep, drill focused.
SWC’s dynamic analysis tools—including drillable charts and graphs, performance maps and powerful data pivots—allow you to transform data about your portfolio into actionable insight.

Act: Slice, dice, done.
RealAnalytics enables you to slice and dice data to fit your goals without tedious, error-prone manual processes. Its business intelligence designed intelligently, specifically for real estate investment firms.

Get a clear sense of where you’re going, how you’ll get there—and how you can stay ahead of the competition with SWC’s RealAnalytics. Contact us now to schedule your free RealAnalytics demonstration.

“Working with SWC is more than just a typical vendor-client relationship. I really appreciate the type of partnership that we have. SWC is looking out for the best interest of the group and not just the specific application at hand.”

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What To Expect

Building a dashboard is easy, especially with all the options available on the market today. What can be an impediment to getting a dashboard that users will adopt is sometimes the information plumbing. Often times there will be quality issues in the data that need to be corrected before you make mission-critical decisions from it. Other questions that may arise include: Is your data easily accessible? Can data from multiple systems be easily correlated? Do the dashboard users know what they want? Will my dashboards and reports evolve with the business?

The business intelligence landscape is always changing, but you will always need a place to store historical data in an accessible format and a semantic layer that presents the data to end users. For some that semantic layer is a cube and for others it might be another semantic technology.

Cloud, on-premises or hybrid—we have extensive expertise in deploying all three. We’ll work with you to understand your business needs in order to recommend the right environment for your business intelligence solution.

SWC has partnered with many companies to conduct a pilot project utilizing a scenario and data specific to your business to illustrate multiple tools that your users can try out firsthand. Contact us for a free demonstration.

It’s tough to stay competitive in any economy, let alone a market filled with uncertainty. SWC’s RealAnalytics ensures that you’ve got the right answers with a few simple clicks so you can make the right decisions quickly and easily.

SWC has more than 35 years of experience delivering business intelligence and advanced analytics to mid-market organizations. Our results-oriented approach has resulted in thousands of successful projects and hundreds of long-term client relationships.

When you choose SWC, you benefit from our:

  • Extensive real estate expertise
  • Pre-built, multi-dimensional cubes and dashboards that can reduce costs, expedite schedules and still result in a completely custom solution
  • Highly capable, credentialed consultants who are experts at tailoring solutions to fit your business needs
  • Proven experience with a portfolio of end-to-end solutions
  • Strategic partnerships

Get a clear sense of where you’re going, how you’ll get there and how you can stay ahead of the competition with SWC’s RealAnalytics.