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Tableau Business Intelligence Solutions Become an Analytics Expert

Tableau is a visually rich and highly intuitive business intelligence application that gives anyone the ability to quickly analyze data in the cloud or on their desktop. Since Tableau requires no scripting, users quickly become analytics experts, rapidly creating rich dashboards with deeply interactive visualizations, analyses and reports that allow them to do more with their data than ever before.

As a Tableau partner, SWC supports the following Tableau solutions to deliver fast, easy to use, powerful and interactive analytical tools for our customers:

Tableau Desktop

  • Explore, visualize and analyze data
  • Answer any question
  • Blazing speed against massive data
  • Create dashboards to consolidate views
  • Share interactive data experiences

Tableau Server

  • Web-based business intelligence platform
  • Rapid-fire analytics and dashboarding
  • Secure information and metadata management
  • Integration with portals and applications
  • Enterprise collaboration

Tableau Online

  • Interactive information graphics for commercial websites
  • On-the-fly web applications with no programming
  • Tell stories, create conversations
  • Scales to millions of users
  • Tableau public

Business Integration

Tableau solutions can be integrated into your existing system making it more adaptable than ever.

  • Discover rapid amounts of data quickly by combining all of your data sources to create powerful and interactive dashboards. Filter, highlight and complete deep analytical work in real-time through your web browser and get your most important dashboards delivered straight to your email daily, weekly or monthly.
  • JavaScript API and a Data Extract API fit any data architecture and easily integrate into existing enterprise systems. Speed up data usage for your users by allowing them to connect directly to databases or work through a local Data Engine. JavaScript API allows developers creating web applications to fully integrate interactive Tableau content into their applications.

Breakthrough Design

Tableau’s breakthrough design gives you the ability to navigate and share ideas and data instantly.

  • Tableau’s intuitive and user-friendly interface gives non-technical users the ability to create interactive, real-time dashboards in minutes. Users can add filters, drill down and share their dashboards via Tableau Server or Tableau online in a few clicks.
  • Easily create deep visual analytics using dynamic and interactive bubble charts, floating-zone dashboards, tree maps, improved sets and groups and forecasting tools to captivate stakeholders
  • Mobile business intelligence – Tableau’s mobile capabilities allow users to view and edit data anytime and anywhere on a mobile device or tablet. Dashboards are all stored in one place, so users can collaborate and make decisions on the go using Tableau’s Android and iPad apps.
  • New forecasting capabilities allow users to estimate future values based on historical data, taking analysis to the next level.

Any Data

Tableau allows you to create powerful dashboards quickly by connecting a variety of cloud and native data sources. Simply drag and drop in new data sources to rapidly analyze your information, wherever you keep it, in real-time.

  • Tableau gives you the power to directly connect to and access all of your company’s analytics, data and dashboards to instantly create deep visual graphics that provide meaningful insights into your pipeline and the sale process
  • Data Engine API: Analyze data by creating a Tableau Data Extract from your everyday software applications, such as Microsoft SQL Server or Dynamics CRM
  • Big Data: Regardless of data size, connect it to Tableau anytime, anywhere and create dashboards that can be shared in seconds

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What To Expect

Building a dashboard is easy, especially with all the options available on the market today. What can be an impediment to getting a dashboard that users will adopt is sometimes the information plumbing. Often times there will be quality issues in the data that need to be corrected before you make mission-critical decisions from it. Other questions that may arise include: Is your data easily accessible? Can data from multiple systems be easily correlated? Do the dashboard users know what they want? Will my dashboards and reports evolve with the business?

The business intelligence landscape is always changing, but you will always need a place to store historical data in an accessible format and a semantic layer that presents the data to end users. For some that semantic layer is a cube and for others it might be another semantic technology.

SWC has partnered with many companies to conduct a pilot project utilizing a scenario and data specific to your business to illustrate multiple tools that your users can try out firsthand. Contact us for a free demonstration.