Azure Consumption Analytics

Unprecedented Insight for Superior Cloud Consumption Decision-Making

Azure Consumption Analytics

Managing a cloud infrastructure means looking at how you make budgetary decisions in a new way.
While there are economic benefits to cloud computing, having the ability to scale resources up and down can make budget forecasting a significant hurdle for many organizations.

Making Sense of your Azure Bill

When a monthly Azure Bill arrives, it can be a challenge to decipher. For many customers, the bill lacks the depth of data they need to understand the “why” behind their cloud costs. When examining their Detailed Usage Reports to get more depth, they find that the opposite is true and they are drowning in a sea of unstructured data that is difficult to aggregate and even more difficult to analyze. In addition to these challenges, all this data is available after-the-fact, so even if you can locate underlying issues, it’s too late to take action to prevent a spike in spending.

SWC Technology Partners

Azure Consumption Analytics

SWC’s exclusive offering, Azure Consumption Analytics (ACA), helps our customers make better Cloud Consumption decisions by putting robust Azure data at their fingertips in real-time on a secure portal. ACA provides easy access to the insights our customers need in order to make better decisions in the management of their Azure Cloud costs… before a surprise arrives in their monthly bill.

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How Does Azure Consumption Analytics Work?

Customers log into their customized, secure portal that aggregates Azure Billing data and Detailed Consumption Reports into a secure data warehouse. Consumption and billing data is extracted, structured and displayed on a customized dashboard, powered by Microsoft PowerBI. These dashboards put the key insights to your consumption and costs front-and-center and allows you to dive deep into your consumption data without drowning.

Azure Consumption Reports into Power BI


  • Prebuilt and Customizable PowerBI Dashboards for analyzing consumption and billing data.
  • Historical trending, time-of-day analysis and hourly updates of actual spend.
  • Slicing and aggregation by subscriptions, resource names, resource types and sub-types, and regions.

Partnering in Your Success

As always, SWC is there every step of the way to enable our customers to use Azure Consumption Analytics to its full potential by providing strategic guidance to make sense of consumption issues, identify underlying problem areas, and help facilitate better cloud decision making.

SWC can even to take on the full responsibility of managing your Azure Cloud, using ACA as a powerful tool to share reports and analysis of your consumption.

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