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We fuse award-winning graphic design with the latest technology to create engaging user experiences. No outsourcing. Just local experts you can trust.

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We build flexible digital marketing plans that can pivot on a dime across website, email, social media and online advertising channels.

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“The thought leadership around how you architect one of those experiences to make it engaging for the user has proven to be SWC’s strong suit. SWC is not just a technical deliverer, they deliver on spirit and dream and intent and all of those other things.”

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We are a full service digital marketing agency backed by a multi-practice team of savvy technologists. We develop and execute integrated marketing plans across multiple channels including: website, email marketing, SEO, SEM/paid advertising, and social media. In addition, our marketing strategists and creative and design teams are able to optimize your marketing efforts with eye-catching content.

An integrated marketing plan is one which allows for promotion of unified marketing collateral to a target audience across multiple channels. For example, an organization may choose to market across web, email, and social media. A single campaign to promote the launch of a new product or service offering may be initiated across these channels such that a product page is posted to the website, an email is sent to an existing customer base, and a social media announcement is broadcasted to a target community. All of these assets are branded in a unified manner, such that an interested prospect can click through an email to the product posting on the website with no change to the design, look and feel. This integrated marketing plan lays the groundwork for a unified experience that seamlessly enforces the value proposition to the target audience.

As industries evolve and consumer trends change, the channel which receives the most attention or attracts the most conversions will change as well. It is important to clearly define your target customer and test alternate channels to identify which works best for your prospect or customer base. Instead of deeply investing in any one channel, leverage SWC’s Digital Marketing Group to provide strategic guidance and better allocate your budget between channels.

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Chicago Digital Marketing

SWC’s Digital Marketing agency provides a full suite of digital marketing services, including website, SEO, email, social media, PPC and other online advertising channels. Our consulting-based firm helps you develop a sustainable internet marketing strategy that goes beyond basic implementation and gets into the real issues of business strategy, execution and results. Our technical background coupled with award-winning design creates visuals that are both stunning and functional. Whether you’re looking to fill the gaps of your Internet Marketing strategy or you need a partner to manage every aspect of your digital marketing strategy and execution, our industry experts will help you create a cohesive roadmap focused on driving greater ROI.