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Be found by the right people at the right time with an ongoing, deep-dive assessment of your website and competition.

Search Engine Optimization, Are You Attracting the Right Audience?

SEO increases the likelihood that the right people will find your website when and how you want them to. SWC Digital Marketing is focused on driving strong SEO through analysis, strategic guidance and performance accountability:

SWC executes a comprehensive and ongoing analysis with every SEO engagement. Our approach provides a clear understanding of strength, weakness, opportunity and threat.

Keyword Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Traffic Pattern Analysis

Site Performance and Benchmarking

Site Design Analysis

Referral Analysis

Strategic Guidance
SEO efforts begin with capturing data and reviewing metrics, but real success is found when that information is used to develop and execute insightful and meaningful business strategies. At SWC we view our role as an active partner – that works in a collaborative way to parse through findings and help shape actions that are going to improve the trajectory of the business.

Performance Accountability
Productive business relationships are formed with a clear sense of accountability. With the inception of any SEO engagement SWC works with our clients to establish clear, meaningful and realistic performance metrics. In the time that follows, SWC documents the progress against these metrics within a standard monthly report.

Monthly Reports
As part of every SEO engagement, SWC will document our management activities, keyword rankings, website and other related analytics, as well as the performance against engagement goals. This report is reviewed during a monthly account status meeting that provides us with the opportunity to collectively assess progress, evaluate strategy and determine any effective changes to our management plan.

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“The SEO and website development guidance that the SWC team has given us over the last year has been a huge asset to our organization. This knowledge has directly resulted in increased revenue and we are excited to continue our relationship in the future.”

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What To Expect

Keyword analysis is the process by which SWC analyzes your website to understand what queries qualified visitors are typing into search engines to find your website. SWC will provide you with a keyword analysis that can tell you what client-related search terms are used by the market, what search terms are used by the competition, and how search engines rank these keywords. Higher rankings for these keywords means more qualified traffic.

Competitive analysis is the process by which SWC does a deep-dive analysis of the keywords that your competition uses and how your website ranks against them. We also look what keywords your competition uses that you are not using, as well as the keywords you share and the keywords they are buying.

One of the most essential elements to our SEO analysis involves analyzing your traffic pattern, that is, understanding how users interact with your website. What pages are they landing on? What path do they take to navigate your website and land on specific pages? How are specific messages affecting the traffic flow? How do specific demographics navigate your website? These are just a few questions SWC answers in providing you with a traffic pattern analysis.

SWC examines the performance metrics of your website and how they stack up against your industry and the wider community. We document standard metric patterns and trends and the relationship between those trends and industry trends.

Content may be king, but the aesthetic of your website is a huge factor into how users choose to interact with it. SWC leverages heat mapping applications and other behavioral tools to identify levels of interaction and create test designs and content based on where your users are looking for information.

Referrals can account for a significant source of traffic. Understanding what other destinations your visitors are coming from besides search can provide valuable insight. SWC will identify your top website referrers, the trends associated with each traffic source, and a number of other factors in providing you a complete SEO picture of your website.

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There is no absolute beginning, middle or end to a good SEO strategy. In order to ensure continual success, SEO requires ongoing discovery, analysis, recommendation and management. Through SWC’s four-phase SEO methodology, we develop a comprehensive action plan necessary for creating a sustainable and thriving Internet Marketing plan. Our dedicated SEO consultants work in tandem with our full-service digital marketing team to establish the foundation for SEO success and then continue to monitor, analyze, recommend and execute on ongoing opportunities and specific campaign-driven projects to ensure continual growth.

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