IT Infrastructure

Building the foundation of innovation and growth

In today’s multifaceted business environment, a dynamic, flexible infrastructure that can support changing business needs is critical to the success of the business. At SWC, we help you further enable your business with a tightly integrated IT infrastructure that drives both cost reduction and business enablement and innovation. We go beyond implementation by providing expert advice, assessment, integration, and can also partner with you on an ongoing basis with Infrastructure Managed Services.

Gain access to our collective expertise across a wide range of infrastructure specialties, including networking for virtual machines, management and monitoring of the virtual infrastructure, backup and recovery, identify management, security, and end-user enablement. Our dedicated team can help you consolidate servers, integrate hybrid environments, and redesign business models to keep down the cost of technology and drive business performance.

Leverage the Value of the Cloud

Thanks to the maturity of cloud computing technology, the nature of cloud conversations has evolved. Business and IT leaders alike are no longer asking if the cloud is right for them – they are asking when their cloud planning can begin. The cloud and mid-market businesses share a lot of common characteristics. Those common attributes translate directly to the key value propositions of the cloud for these organizations.

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81% of survey respondents believe IT is a strategic enabler of the business – up from just 45% in 2016!
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