A More Strategic Approach

Free your IT team from fighting fires and help them focus on adding strategic value while reducing infrastructure costs.

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Managed IT Services
Start Adding Strategic Value to Your Organization Through Technology

Across companies, it’s the same story: IT is growing more complex and increasingly difficult to implement, design and manage. You try to do more with less and leverage every efficiency possible. But your IT pain points move as fast as you can identify them. It’s tough to talk strategy when time and resources are limited. That’s why many companies are taking stock of their IT challenges.

Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • What are my IT priorities and how can I make the most of my IT investment?
  • Which solutions will help my business be more competitive?
  • What is the cost—beyond dollars—of maintaining IT in-house?
  • Which parts of IT should we keep in-house vs. outsource?

SWC’s Managed IT Solution
Many mid-market organizations realize the value in adding workplace efficiency-boosting solutions like Skype for Business and SharePoint, but they can’t afford all the IT employees they need to leverage these solutions and the necessary infrastructure, let alone have time to be strategic and add value to the organization by keeping up with the latest technology or even fight help desk fires. SWC can help you have more strategic conversations.

Our Managed Services solution combines people, process and technology to:

  • Monitor, track and repair any IT challenge on a 24/7 basis
  • Offer cost-effective, custom and flexible right-sized support options to fit your IT needs
  • Provide dedicated support with our experienced, highly qualified team of SWC engineers
  • Implement industry best practices to ensure high performance availability and reliability
  • Design and develop infrastructure strategies and roadmaps to support your business goals

IT employees love our managed services because it frees them from fighting fires and lets them focus on more strategic, value-added projects. COOs love it too because they can start planning projects that fully utilize the talents of their IT team and align IT with their business strategy. The end result is that IT can start making your organization money.

What’s the Story with Your IT?
Let’s have a more strategic conversation. To learn more contact SWC or attend an upcoming technology event.

“The big word for me in the name of the company is partner. SWC is talented, engaged and passionate about what they do. It’s not a customer-supplier relationship. We’re in it together and we win together.”

Client Success

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What To Expect

SWC offers a comprehensive set of services covering all facets of IT support. We can provide fully outsourced IT services or complement an internal team through the following:

Clients often first consider managed services after some type of painful event occurs – unexpected outage, IT staff turnover, etc. The process starts with a discussion around business requirements and pain points and the gaps that need to be filled. SWC then develops a customized solution that meets the immediate need and provides a comprehensive plan for transitioning support to our team. The goal is to minimize risk and ensure service continuity to the users and business operations.

A key step in any outsourcing relationship is the definition of roles and responsibilities and a framework for delivering support. Components of the framework include the definition of processes and procedures including Incident, Problem and Change Management. With a defined structure in place, proper training, and a tool to manage the process, SWC successfully co-manages many IT environments with its clients.

Leveraging the collective experience of the SWC team has proven to be of great benefit to our clients. Not only will we intimately know your environment, we’ll invest to understand your business goals. We’ll then develop a strategic roadmap that identifies the solutions, including estimated budget and dependencies that will ensure that those goals are met and position the company for future growth. Contact us to learn more.

Since beginning managed services more than 10 years ago, we focused on delivering the highest value of service and support to our clients. Our contracts include 30-day cancellation which has resulted in a win-win for our clients. We’re able to more easily adapt to the changing needs of services over time and our team is incentivized every month to provide the best service and support possible.

Managed IT Solutions

SWC has identified some of the most common challenges that drive an organization to choose a Managed Services solution. Whether your company is constantly putting out IT fires, a one-person IT department or looking to fill-in some missing IT skill sets through IT Service management, 24×7 operations monitoring, Security Managed Services or help/service desk support, SWC can customize a solution that fits your company’s unique IT needs. Use the above contact form to connect to learn how a managed IT solution can help benefit your company while saving its bottom line.