Managed Defense

Monitor, Maintain & Respond

Developed with Microsoft, SWC’s Managed Defense service leverages the intelligent tools in Microsoft 365 and Windows Defender ATP to harden your defenses, alert you to suspicious behavior, and quickly respond to threats to keep your organization secure.

Realize the Value of Security Services from Windows 10 and Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 has powerful security capabilities built into the platform for you to tackle today’s advanced security threats. However, to take full advantage of these capabilities, they must be enabled in alignment with your organization’s unique risk factors and security strategies. Once enabled, constant monitoring and diligence are required in order for you to move at the speed of threats as they are detected. This is why SWC has partnered closely with Microsoft to create Managed Defense – a high-touch, high-impact framework to safeguard your organization.

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Prove the value of operationalizing intelligent security tools and gain the peace of mind with 24/7/365 monitoring from cybersecurity experts.

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Microsoft 365

The Managed Defense Framework

Harden your organization’s defenses against advanced targeted cyberattacks, malicious behavior and security threats with Microsoft 365 Managed Defense, allowing you to take full advantage of Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Protection.


Implement Microsoft technologies to reduce surface vulnerabilities and establish security processes to improve your ongoing posture

Maintain & Monitor

Continuous monitoring of the Microsoft 365 environment using global threat intelligence and machine learning while maintaining security policies to prevent future vulnerabilities

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Cybersecurity at a Crossroads: How to Stay Agile While Keeping Your Data Safe

When it comes to managing internal threats from employees, IT organizations and business leaders are at a crossroads. It’s impossible to monitor each person’s every move (both in and out of the office) but revoking access to the latest technology that enables the modern workforce to communicate and collaborate isn’t a realistic option either. Explore SWC’s perspective on how your organization can benefit from today’s modern technology while minimizing vulnerabilities.

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Microsoft 365 Managed Defense

Developed with Microsoft, SWC’s Managed Defense service leverages the tools in Microsoft 365 and Windows Defender ATP to harden your defenses and provide ongoing monitoring and remediation of cyber-security risks.