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Why IT Outsourcing

Make the Most of Your IT Investment

Technology touches every layer of the business. Forward-thinking executives see the value of aligning IT operations with the business strategy and the critical role it plays in helping them achieving financial success.

Turn IT into a Competitive Advantage

Companies are looking for creative ways to solve their business challenges. Top-performing organizations realize teaming up with a Managed Services Provider is the solution to meeting increasing business demands on IT and providing 24×7 user and infrastructure support.

Outsource Local & Trusted Expertise

SWC’s local team of IT experts ensure the highest level of service delivery through customized solutions designed to fill the gap of IT skills and coverage required to keep up with the increasingly complex technologies required to run today’s business.

“We’ve been working with SWC for years on managed services and a lot of other projects. Whatever problem I can come up with, there is a resource over at SWC who can solve it for me.”

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What To Expect

When deciding where to spend your IT dollars, it’s easy to understand why outsourcing makes a lot of sense for your mid-market business. What is not always as obvious are the unexpected road blocks and disappointments that only occur only after you’ve made your decision to outsource. Whether you’re locked into in a long-term, fixed-fee contract where you only get the bare minimum, or you’ve outgrown the capabilities and expertise of your current IT provider, a lack of technical support or understanding should never be the thing that holds you back from achieving your business goals.

The right IT consulting company will always be one step ahead, enhancing your organization by offering the most current and comprehensive solutions for your ever-changing technical environment. When it comes to managed services, choosing the right partner will make or break the success of your investment.

At SWC, we understand the common pain points that can arise from outsourcing your IT support. As a matter of fact, many of our long-term managed services customers have come to us after experiencing dissatisfaction with their previous provider.

Here are some signs that it may be time to move on from your current IT Managed Services Provider:

  • Reactive: I feel like I only hear from them when there’s a problem. I’m always the one having to ask for new recommendations and options.
  • High Turnover: There’s a lot of turnover and I’m always on the hook to train the new consultant.
  • Bare Minimum: I’m stuck in a long-term contract and the service is awful. They seem to be doing the bare minimum to maximize profit.
  • Not Leading Edge: They keep fixing the same problem over and over again without ever getting to the root of the issue.
  • They Just Don’t Get It: Their technician doesn’t seem to have relevant experience for my unique business goals. I feel like we’re going in circles or the solution doesn’t fit my needs.
  • No Relationship: I don’t feel like I have a partnership with my IT consultant. I speak to a different person every time and they don’t even know my name!
  • Unavailable: They’re out the door by 5:00 PM, but my operation is 24×7.
  • Insufficient Support: It usually takes two or three consultants to solve my problem, costing me time and money.
  • They Aren’t Subject Matter Experts: There are no enhanced managed services and I need someone who understand all of the technologies in my environment.
  • Unexpected Fees: I’m getting nickel and dimed every time I need support. In order to get what I thought I had contracted, I end up paying double.
  • I’m Not Even Sure What They’re Doing: There is no transparency into the work that is being done. They don’t even give me a monthly report!

SWC’s managed services solution combines people, process and technology to provide your organization with:

  • Proactive and consistent coverage with guaranteed SLAs
  • A dedicated and qualified team of experts to monitor, track and repair any IT challenge – on a 24x7x365 basis
  • Proactive IT strategy and roadmap development to support your business goals
  • Proven tools and implementation of industry best practices to ensure high performance availability and reliability
  • A stable, secure and adaptable infrastructure with a reduced frequency of preventable IT failures
  • Cost-effective, flexible support options right-sized to fit your IT needs
  • Predictable, fixed fee pricing and no long-term contracts
  • Complementary team of experts for a fraction of the cost of internal IT

SWC offers a comprehensive set of services covering all facets of IT support. We can provide fully outsourced IT services or complement an internal team through the following:

  • Service Desk – remote or on-site user desk support, workstation/asset management
  • Enterprise Network Operations – 24×7 monitoring, management, and production support for IT infrastructure
  • Advisory Services – IT Service Management consulting, strategic roadmap development
  • Enhanced Managed Services – monitoring, management and dedicated expertise for Exchange, Lync/Skype for Business, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL, and Security

Clients often first consider managed services after some type of painful event occurs – unexpected outage, IT staff turnover, etc. The process starts with a discussion around business requirements and pain points and the gaps that need to be filled. SWC then develops a customized solution that meets the immediate need and provides a comprehensive plan for transitioning support to our team. The goal is to minimize risk and ensure service continuity to the users and business operations.

A key step in any outsourcing relationship is the definition of roles and responsibilities and a framework for delivering support. Components of the framework include the definition of processes and procedures including Incident, Problem and Change Management. With a defined structure in place, proper training, and a tool to manage the process, SWC successfully co-manages many IT environments with its clients.

Leveraging the collective experience of the SWC team has proven to be of great benefit to our clients. Not only will we intimately know your environment, we’ll invest to understand your business goals. We’ll then develop a strategic roadmap that identifies the solutions, including estimated budget and dependencies that will ensure that those goals are met and position the company for future growth.

Since beginning managed services more than 10 years ago, we focused on delivering the highest value of service and support to our clients. Our contracts include 30-day cancellation which has resulted in a win-win for our clients. We’re able to more easily adapt to the changing needs of services over time and our team is incentivized every month to provide the best service and support possible.

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